Lessons With Lily: Value in Values

Lessons With Lily: Value in Values

In the blog “Planning Forward”, I wrote about the power of planning and its importance for strategic, thoughtful, and organized preparation for achieving goals and objectives.

Every week, our family sits around the table and plans the week ahead.

Lily contributes her thoughts in the planning, such as events that she may want to participate in, future vacation ideas, and contributions to what foods she wants on the grocery list. If Lily wants to place it on the list, she is responsible for it. We are all involved in the decision making.

Values enter the process as well. As you can see in the video, Lily points out the icons for our family values.

After reading these values, we all go around the table and share 1-2 things that we did over the last week that align with these values. The values influence the decision making that we do as a family and are important to define the positive culture that we want for our household.

And, as in business, it is important to know your business’ values. Business values are principles or beliefs that guide a business’ behavior and decisions. This includes values such as integrity, customer focus, innovation, quality, teamwork, respect, sustainability, and adaptability. Positive result: Profitability.

Behney Management Services can assist with planning, assessing values in an efficient manner to help you achieve your goals.