Planning Forward: Two Years Out Plan

Planning Forward

Two Years Out Plan

In our prior blog “Begin with the End in Mind”, and being three years out in your pre-launch preparation, you would have formed a transition team and started out laying the groundwork for the Launch.

With two years to go to the sale, an important factor to put in place is execution of a forecast showing performance, profitability, and revenue enhancement. With this in place, you can present to prospective buyers what you have forecasted for two years, and be confident in not only your projections, but efficacy in what was forecasted and has occurred.

Along with the forecast, a favorable item to have prepared is an industry/market study. This info can include market size, key players, trends, growth projections, challenges and how it relates to your significant business.   

While the visual attached is a “perfect world” scenario, the time frame I will be discussing is flexible.

Behney Management Services can help you with forecasting, projections, and get you on the right path for both the sale and post-sale.