In the world of business, it's important to know

The difference between good debt and bad, just so

You can make smart choices with your money and time

And avoid a financial mountain you can't climb


Good debt is an investment in your company's growth

Like a loan to buy equipment, it's a good bet, both

For you and your business, it can help you succeed

And create a solid foundation for the future you need


Bad debt, on the other hand, is a different tale

It's money spent on things that don't help you prevail

Like high-interest credit cards or a loan for a jet

That you can't afford and will put you in debt


So before you borrow, make sure you're aware

Of the risks and the benefits, so you can prepare

For the future of your business, and the road ahead

Choose good debt wisely, and you'll be ahead


In conclusion, remember this little rhyme

Good debt can help you climb, and it's just fine

But bad debt will take you down, and make you fall

So choose wisely, my friend, and you'll have it all!