Lessons with Lily: Go Lily. GO!

Since the age of 2, Lily has been driving around our house on some sort of vehicle. It started on a Power Wheels 4-wheeler and stepped up to a 125cc 4-wheeler, then we added an 80cc go-kart, and now we have added a 5hp Jr. Dragster to the array of vehicles that this soon-to-be 5yr old has in the garage. It amazes me each time we get something new how fast she picks up on operating the vehicle, and the excitement she has driving. 

A friend recently asked me how I go about teaching her to drive these different “toys” so that she’s comfortable operating them. Thinking about it, I shared that it’s simply a few steps:

  • Teach safety – we review the safety equipment needed to operate and look over the vehicle for all the keys / kill switches / brakes / throttle and make sure we know how each one works.
  • Review steering – we look at each setup to understand how to turn and how tight or wide a turn can be to not tip over.
  • Hit the gas – after the two steps above, there’s really nothing left other than to get moving forward and apply what we’ve learned. Lily’s favorite first word taking off is “GO!”

Sometimes the last step can be the toughest, because as a parent the stress kicks in wondering if everything you’ve gone over is going to be put into practice. But then, over time, the comfort comes back after multiple laps/passes and you can see that the experience that she has developed from the vehicle before gives guidance to her operation moving forward. 

Business can be viewed with the same process. As a fractional CFO, I work with clients to help them understand how to set parameters for performance, how the control of cash flow can control the acceleration or slowing of their growth, and how to build projections and a budget to make sure they don’t go way off course.

 But at the end of the day, sometimes what it takes is for the client to hit the gas and get moving forward. Momentum gives balance and experience provides comfort.

Are you looking for a guiding hand to get your business moving forward? Behney Management Strategies LLC can help you get a firm plan in place and provide professional guidance along the way so your business can GO!