Lessons with Lily: Growing Taller and Braver at Disney World

Lessons with Lily: Growing Taller and Braver at Disney World

Our recent trip to Disney World marked a significant milestone in Lily’s young life. Not only did she get to bask in the enchantment of the park, but this year was special as Lily was finally tall enough to ride almost every ride, including the thrilling roller coasters. This new opportunity presented both excitement and challenges, offering valuable lessons in courage and overcoming fears that resonate deeply with the ups-and-downs of business and personal growth.

A Measure of Growth

Just as businesses must meet certain benchmarks to unlock new opportunities, Lily had reached a physical benchmark that opened a world of bigger rides and new experiences. The moment we realized she was tall enough to ride the roller coasters, her face lit up with both excitement and a hint of nervousness. It was a vivid reminder that growth often comes with the chance to test our limits and step out of our comfort zones.

The First Big Ride

The decision to go on her first big roller coaster was a monumental one. As we approached the towering structure, I could see Lily grappling with a mix of anticipation and fear. It’s a feeling many of us recognize when facing daunting new tasks, whether starting a new project at work or pivoting a business in a new direction. Like Lily, we often find ourselves at the foot of our own roller coasters, looking up and wondering if we can handle the ride.

Embracing Courage Over Comfort

With a little encouragement, Lily decided to take the leap—or in this case—the ride. Strapped into her seat, her initial fear gave way to exhilaration. It was a transformative experience for her, highlighting a profound lesson: true growth often requires us to embrace discomfort and face our fears head-on. This is just as true in business, where stepping beyond the familiar can lead to breakthroughs and successes.

The Joy in Overcoming

After her ride, Lily’s joy was palpable. She had not only conquered the roller coaster but also her own apprehensions. This joy is akin to the satisfaction we feel when overcoming professional challenges or achieving a long-sought-after goal in business. Each victory, big or small, builds confidence and reinforces the value of pushing beyond our perceived limits.

Carrying Lessons Forward

As we continued our day at Disney World, Lily’s newfound bravery opened her up to a host of new experiences. She approached each ride with less hesitation and more enthusiasm. Similarly, in our careers and business endeavors, overcoming initial fears can lead to increased confidence and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

This trip to Disney World was more than just a fun vacation; it was a milestone filled with life lessons about growth, bravery, and the rewards of stepping out of our comfort zones. Just as Lily learned to rise above her fears and enjoy the thrill of the rides, we too can learn to navigate the roller coasters of our professional lives with courage and anticipation for the great heights to be achieved.